The past several years I’ve focused on nature photography with the website DigitalAviary.me. Such specialized websites have an “implied contract.” If you are gracious enough to visit my website, you will find my best attempts at nature photography.

Which made it hard to explain when I started posting antique tractor pull photos on the site.

I needed another space for those other photographs. Those non nature pictures.  The industrial photos. The architectural images. The experiments with lighting. The artful accidents that surfaced digitally producing photos.

Thus, PhotoForge.Blog.

On a deeper level, photography has become a bit of a grind. I’m looking for a little fun behind the lens. Seeking serendipity and surprise. I get a kick from discovering and learning and experimenting. What better way than a new platform?

Thanks for checking out my eclectic collection of images. If you’ve got comments or feedback or ideas (especially ideas!), shoot me an email.